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thanksgiving cooking, thanksgiving dinner, thanksgiving turkey
With the new Roasting Wand inside your bird the heat from
the oven will be convected through your poultry.
It can be used for any
sized poultry. Use it when roasting a chicken, duck, and goose.

turkey cooking, turkey recipe, turkey stuffing

A Safer Meal:
The heat convection created by the Roasting Wand results in higher temperatures inside your stuffing. This reduces the potential for bacterial contamination and gives confidence that you are serving safe stuffing to your family.

Even Cooking:
The Roasting Wand allows you to cook your poultry from the inside as well, giving you moist, juicy, more flavorful meat. No more dry white meat. No more overcooking while waiting for the stuffing to reach safe temperatures.

Easy to Use:
Stuff your poultry as usual then insert the assembled Roasting Wand through your stuffed poultry. The pointed insertion tip is provided as a means to allow the Roasting Wand to pass through the stuffing without becoming clogged. Do not let vegetables or other items you may choose to roast with your turkey or other poultry block the exposed end. It is important to remember that the Roasting Wand must remain clear and unobstructed to let the hot air flow through it. The tip must be removed before placing your stuffed poultry in the oven. Tip: For bread stuffing, spray the Roasting Wand with vegetable spray before inserting through the stuffing to make removal and clean-up after cooking a breeze.

Reduced Cooking Time:
Make sure you adjust your roasting time as the Roasting Wand will cook your poultry up to 20% faster. By reducing the overall cooking time, you get a cooler kitchen and energy savings. (Time saving varies.)

The Roasting Wand is made of three stainless steel sections and an insertion tip, to custom fit any size poultry. When you're done roasting, simply pull the Roasting Wand from your poultry, untwist and pull it apart for easy cleaning. (Caution: The Roasting Wand may be hot after cooking your poultry. Take precautions to prevent burns while removing the Roasting Wand from your poultry.) The Roasting Wand is dishwasher safe. The set includes a specially designed brush for cleaning.

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