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Dateline: March 5, 2003…. Lemont ,IL Contact Name: Richard Sherwin Contact Phone/ Fax: 630 257 9657
Website: www.roastingwand.com Email: info@roastingwand.com

Are You Stuffing an Easter Turkey? Practical Innovations' New Roasting Wand Lets You Do It Safer And in Less Time

March 5, 2003, Lemont, IL- Practical Innovations has recently patented what may be the answer to cooking a safe stuffed turkey. There is controversy on the dangers of stuffing your holiday turkey. We have all heard the unsettling stories of food poisoning due to under cooked stuffing. Or, perhaps you have experienced it first hand. Will the stuffing reach the 165 degrees, safe temperature, necessary to kill harmful bacteria? That is the core of the issue.

Richard Sherwin, President of Practical Innovations said that his invention, a patented cooking utensil called "The Roasting Wand" will increase internal temperatures and reduce overall cooking time. Letting home cooks stuff their turkeys in a traditional way and feel confident that they are serving a safe, delicious meal.

Up until now, cooks had to choose to stuff the turkey in the traditional way or cook the stuffing separately. Those who chose to stuff their turkey had to take a chance on serving undercooked stuffing or overcook the turkey to dry unpalatable shreddings so the stuffing could reach the safe 165 degrees. These choices have sickened many and left others disappointed with a favorite holiday meal.

The Roasting Wand is an adjustable stainless steel tube that is inserted into a stuffed turkey, or other stuffed poultry. When placed in the oven, the heat is convected through the tube allowing the stuffing to be cooked from the inside. (Visit www.roastingwand.com for more information)

"With the heat going through the center of the stuffing I was amazed at how fast the stuffing temperature rose" Sherwin said. "The idea came to me while attending culinary school. I wanted to safeguard my family from the dangers of food poisoning, the time savings was an additional bounce."

The Roasting Wand is available at www.roastingwand.com or call 630 257-7476 to place an order, for $19.95 plus shipping. The Roasting Wand is dishwasher safe, comes with a cleaning brush, and, while supplies last, a free meat thermometer. "It's a clever device that'll give years of service. After all, what's a safe holiday meal worth to you?"

For immediate release
9:00 a.m. CST
January 9, 2003

Richard Sherwin
(630) 257-9657


Now there is a solution!

Now you can rest assured that the stuffing you cook with your turkey is safe. A new invention-the Roasting Wand-makes cooking your turkey faster, safer and easier. Simply insert the hollow cooking wand into your turkey and relax. The turkey cooks to perfection-safely and more quickly.

You can be confident that the product is everything you hope for and more. It has been independently tested by Packer Engineering in Naperville, IL, which showed that the wand increases internal temperatures, killing off harmful bacteria. Not only does it make your stuffing safer, but it also speeds up the cooking time by up to one hour. The Roasting Wand isn't just for Thanksgiving! You can use it all year long-with chicken, duck, goose and other poultry.

For those of you who love turkey . . . you can now eat it worry free. You can order the Roasting Wand directly from the manufacturer (630-257-7476) or from the Web site (www.roastingwand.com) and they'll rush it out to you. The revolutionary Roasting Wand cost only $19.95 (plus shipping and handling). And while supplies last, you'll receive a free kitchen thermometer with your purchase!

For more information, please call (630) 257-9657.

Consumer Comments
“This helped me make my turkey one of the best I ever made! I would definitely recommend it to my friends!”
Christina, Alamogordo, NM
“It was easy to use – It cooked my 5lb. chicken an hour faster than usual!”
Kimberly, Waterford, WI
“I purchased a 12.5lb turkey the packaging, on the turkey, stated 4 to 5 hours (cooking time)…to my amazement the turkey was done in 3 hours. Not only was it nice and golden brown on the outside, but the meat was so tender and juicy. I will be cooking turkey more often and will definitely recommend the Roasting Wand to my friends.”
Nancy, Walpole, MA
“This was my first time cooking a whole bird. The Roasting Wand worked great. The bird cooked 20% faster than it was supposed to…it tasted great.”
Regan, Ozark, MO
“I  roasted  an  8lb  chicken and  was  concerned  that  this extra heat source  might  dry  out  the poultry while cooking. I was surprised at how moist the chicken remained.”
Louise, Pittsford, NY
“I think this product is great… I was somewhat skeptical of using it at initially… The turkey and stuffing turned out great! The long cleaning brush makes it so easy to clean.”
Bonnie, Arcade, NY
“Before  using  the  Roasting  Wand  I always took the stuffing out of the poultry and cooked it in the oven to make sure it was safe. Now my family can eat the stuffing right out of the bird.”
Michelle, Cawood, NY
“The Roasting Wand is  easy  to  use, versatile  for different sizes of birds, is easy to clean and also decreases roasting time.”
Kammron, Taylorsville, UT
“I  was  skeptical  of the Roasting Wand  technology  and  what  it  was  supposed to do. I roast my own chickens all the time, and could not believe the difference in the amount of time I saved, the juiciness of the breast meat and how tender the chicken was.”
Lelah, Chesterfield, MO

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