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Those who chose to stuff their turkey had to take a chance on serving undercooked stuffing or overcook the turkey.

If using the Roasting Wand in smaller poultry, remove extension ends (A&C) as desired for a custom fit.

The roasting wand is dishwasher safe, comes with a cleaning brush, and, while supplies last, a free meat thermometer.

Letting home cooks stuff their turkeys in a traditional way and feel they are serving a safe, delicious meal.

Practical Innovations has recently patented what may be the answer to cooking a safe stuffed turkey.

It's a clever device that'll give years of service. After all, what's a safe holiday meal worth to you?

Up until now, cooks had to choose to stuff the turkey in the traditional way or cook the stuffing separately.

The roasting wand is an adjustable stainless steel tube that is inserted into a stuffed turkey, or other stuffed poultry.

There is controversy on the dangers of stuffing your holiday turkey.

Insert assembles roasting wand and allow point to go through the poultry and be exposed on the opposite side.

The roasting wand will increase internal temperatures and reduce overall cooking time.

A new invention-the Roasting Wand-makes cooking your turkey faster, safer and easier.

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